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Shea Seaweed + Salt Body Scrub 100ml

Gorgeous Anti-Cellulite Salt, Seaweed & Shea Body Scrub 250 ml
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What it’s made from: Mineral rich Scarborough Seaweed, Shea Butter, Our fabulous triple oil Combination and finely ground Organic Salt Our mineral rich seaweed and she scrub treats Acne, is rich in Algae Amino Acids, Anti-Aging, Anti-inflammatory, Hydration and treats Hyperpigmentation. Seaweed is a wonderful way to cleanse the body by removing toxins and excess fluids. It increases blood circulation and lymph flow. Seaweed also delivers vital minerals and vitamins and improves skin texture. All of these health and beauty benefits make seaweed a go-to ingredient in cellulite reduction treatments. Seaweed is well known for its weight loss properties!!